Did you know??
I have spent the past three years conducting the research that underpins this podcast!

It is easy for me to remember when it all started, because questing for a regenerative livelihood became more important to me than ever when my first son was about to be born. Living hand-to-mouth whilst desperately trying to be an effective community activist for local cultural and ecological regeneration - already a delicate balance - couldn't continue apace with the new responsibility of fatherhood. I knew then that, in order to be the father I wanted to be and an activist at the same time, I needed a livelihood from my passions.

The Regenerative Livelihood is, to me, an expression of my dedication to my small family's role in regenerating local ecology and revitalising community. If you enjoy the podcast and you appreciate the work, it would mean the absolute world to me if you could show your gratitude via Patreon by way of a monthly subscription.

Through incisive interviews and sharing the reflections and learnings from my path, I hope to share with you the stories of entrepreneurs and activists who have struggled and succeeded in balancing their passion and their bank balance through carving their own unique regenerative livelihood.

This show and the majority of the content I produce is free and always will be. To take the conversation to the next level and bring about a wider paradigm shift towards regenerative livelihoods for all, I need your support.
The Regenerative Livelihood Podcast